Parent Partnership
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We want our parents, like our students and teachers, to feel part of the school community. We offer parents many opportunities to get involved in school life; from helping out with fundraisers to planting trees, parents are welcomed into the school to further improve the learning environment.

We also think it's important to encourage parents to get directly involved with their childrens learning at home. Research shows that parents who are actively and consistently engaged with their child’s learning can add the equivalent of two to three years of formal education over the course of the child's school career. Children with engaged parents do better academically, exhibit better social skills and behaviour, and make better life choices (see parental engagement research).

To be engaged means to support and encourage learning beyond the school campus. Engaged parents are strong role models; they demonstrate respect for education, make time for home learning, and believe in their child's ability to learn.

Every parent, regardless of culture, language or experience, has something to offer their child. Conversation is at the heart of positive parental engagement; as partners in the education process, parents can reinforce learning through a variety of ways; by discussing a range of topics, asking questions, listening, sharing activities and reading with their child. Perhaps most importantly, they encourage their children with praise and direction.

GEMS believes very passionately in helping all of our students reach their full potential. We see our parents as central to that aspiration and seek to give them the information, tools and resources to help their children as best they can.

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